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Etiquette Don'ts for Golf

Etiquette Don'ts for Golf

This past weekend, I played my first-ever 18 holes of golf. Naturally, I was curious about the points of etiquette for a hundreds-year-old game known for its keen manners. Returning to one of my favorite books, I recalled there being a chapter on golf. Since Nathan plays with some regularity, and we live near a golf course, I am peripherally aware of what is considered polite for players (and perhaps have seen a fair shares of don’ts). I think that this 1929 advice rings true (and is charmingly written)!

Appendix. Don’ts for Golf

  1. Don’t talk to others or make noise while another player is teeing off.

  2. Don’t drive up too close to other players on the fair green. Wait until they are entirely out of the way.

  3. Don’t criticize another player’s stance or shot.

  4. Don’t get in the way of other players. A twosome has the right of way over a single player and also over a threesome or foursome.

  5. Don’t walk up to the putting green while others are holing out. It may make them nervous.

  6. Don’t watch another player too closely even if he is in the same match with you. Let him take care of his own game.

  7. Don’t refuse to let other players pass by if you have a lost ball. Motion them to come on after a reasonable length of time.

  8. Don’t talk loud or laugh loud on the course. You may disturb someone and spoil his game.

  9. Don’t quarrel with your caddie.

  10. Don’t lose your temper at anything. It ruins your disposition and your game.

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