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Spring To-Do List

Spring To-Do List

There are always "to-do's" with each new season, especially spring, and it's easy to get caught up spending your free time cleaning your house all weekend. I would like to be more intentional at doing not only my "have-to's", but fitting in more of my "want-to's", so I've compiled a list of some of the fun things I would like to do this spring.

1. Welcome spring with a pastel manicure. 

2. Take a day trip to the zoo. 

3. Host an afternoon tea party. 

4. Take the train to Chicago for the day and be a tourist.

5. Create a new garden and gravel patio in the backyard, with a permanent home for our fire pit.

6. Enjoy a good book on a rainy afternoon. 

7. Make time for regular tennis practice with Nathan.

8. Play croquet or bocce one evening in our backyard (before the mosquitos are in full force).

9. Go for a leisurely bicycle ride. 

10. Sit outside and listen to the birds. 

What’s on your to-do list this spring?

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